The Seattle-based band, THEM, is a new teen pop-rock project quickly gaining momentum. Since the highly anticipated release of their debut single BAD 4 U, the multi-instrumentalist quartet has played local Emerald City hotspots like The Vera Project, Pier 52, and even Seattle’s historical Paramount Theatre. THEM has taken Seattle’s music industry by storm charting #5 on KEXP within the first week of BAD 4 U’s radio debut. Since then, they have made appearances on KING 5’s Evening Magazine, the Stranger, Audiofemme and more. The group, comprised of four talented teens, Thompson, Hudson, Ellie, and Maia who started in the basement of their local music school is set for a steady rise toward fresh and brightened musical horizons.




Thompson is 17 years old and a junior in high school. She has been in private music lessons since she was 10 years old and was inspired to start making music by her single mom. Thompson's mom has always had a love for music but never had the resources growing up to be a musician herself, so it motivated her to enroll Thompson in music classes. Thompson plays piano, guitar, bass, and she sings in the band. 




Ellie is 20 years old and is studying music business in college. Ellie has been involved in the music for the past five years both performing and working as an admin at a concert venue, for local bands, as well as her local music school. Ellie began piano lessons at just five years old and grew into learning guitar, bass, drums and more recently lap steel slide guitar. Ellie plays mostly piano and guitar in the band but also handles all management, booking and marketing for the band.




Hudson is 16 years old and also a junior in high school. She asked for a glittery guitar for Christmas when she was in just third grade and that's where her passion for music sparked.  She has fallen in love with songwriting and gradually picked up violin, vocals, bass, and piano. She plays violin still in her high school orchestra and plays music to bring joy to the people around her. 




Maia is 20 years old and graduated this past year. She is in her first year of college at Seattle Pacific University. She began playing piano 12 years ago, when her parents noticed her starting to play by ear and has since then taken music lessons and has discovered a love for drums as well as vocals being in the choir. Maia plays drums, piano, guitar and she sings.